Our fall programming offers developmental training opportunties that varies by age range.  A combination of skill and play is built into each age group as we believe this best helps players develop. 


September Saturdays:  9/7, 9/14, 9/21, 9/28

Grades 2nd-5th / $125 SOLD OUT

Grades 6th-8th / $135 SOLD OUT

High School / $135  SOLD OUT


We are using two different locations for league play this season.  Locations rotate so please double check your location each week. 

Big Run Athletic Complex
4205 Clime Rd, Columbus, OH 43228

Cleo Dumaree Athletic Complex
276 S Nelson Rd, Columbus, OH 43205


2nd -5th Grade Junior Pumas Skill & Play / Cost $125

We will begin each week with 30 minutes of intense skill work, designed to create good offensive and defensive flow.  We will integrate core concepts throughout the four weeks. This is also a great time for parents who would like to help their child improve in the game to be paying attention, so you can reinforce concepts.

We will play two 20 minute halves with 10 man rosters, rotating 5 new players in every 5 minutes. Coaches will ref the games so they can stop and instruct as needed. There are no fouls kept.

One game per weekend, plus the skill work is plenty! These youngsters will be tired and that is why we keep 10 man rosters at this age.


6-8th Grade League / Cost $135

This league features two league play games each week monitored by a OHSAA certified referee.

We will begin each week with a brief review of motion offense and team defense principles. 

We will play two 20 minute halves, rotating new players in every 5 minutes.

1 timeout per half and the clock stops final minute on any dead-balls.

3-minute warm ups and 3-minute halftime

Final 2 minutes you can freely substitute as needed.

We will carry 1 ref per court. Only team fouls will be kept. Shooting 1 shot after 8 fouls in half, with 1 automatic point. All ‘and 1’ shots will count as a basket and a foul shot made.  Two shot fouls we will shoot 1 shot only with an automatic point.

Rosters will be set up based on aligning kids to their schools 1st and foremost.  We will take the 1st week to adjust rosters to even them out if needed. Keep in mind we won’t ever be able to make this perfect, so please approach with an open mind.

In the middle school level, we have to maintain rosters to keep only 2 players per 7th & 8th grade middle school on a team, per OHSAA rules.


High School League / Cost $135

The high school session features two league play games each week monitored by a OHSAA certified referee.   Standings will be kept and locations are being finalized but will likely rotate among the Big Run and Cleo Athletic sites and a local high school. 



Q: What do I do if I want to be a scorekeeper/clock operator?

A: Please email us back and put in the subject line (Volunteer Scorekeeper/Clock Operator) or find us during the 1st week and let us know.

Q: Will there be an entry fee each week and will there be concessions?

A: NO!  There will be no gate fee and please make sure you bring extra water bottles and Gatorade.  There are some vending machines and drinking fountains.

Q: When will we get our T-shirts?

A: They will arrive by week two.

Q: When are Mid Ohio Pumas tryouts for next spring?

A: We will be hosting first look tryouts the weekend after the Fall League ends 10/5.  Location and Time TBD.  A second round of tryouts will be held as needed in February.