Updated 4/18/19: All teams are full at this time.  Please email us video or contact us here with inquiries.  Our summer camps have openings and offer a great way to develop and be introduced to our program. 


We are honored that more than 600 players attended one of our fall tryout sessions. At this time teams are being filled with these players and our returning players. We are limited to the number of teams we can offer based on available coaches. If you are interested in coaching a Mid Ohio Pumas team please contact us here.  The best way to stay up to date with future tryout sessions is to subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page.  We are also offering a separate developmental training program this spring that will be an excellent opportunity for players to skill and play while not having to commit to an AAU basketball schedule.



What makes the Pumas different than other AAU basketball programs?

There are a lot of good AAU programs, and many have good intentions, brand names, and offer some things similar to us.  What's different is our culture and approach to the game.  The stats show the low % of kids who make it from grade school to their high school team (12 kids on a HS team and on avg 4 SR, 4 JR, 4 SO).  You need to be in the top 4 in your class generally.  Typically 1-2 kids in that high school group of 12 go on to play college ball.  Less than 1% go to the NBA.

Our program focuses on staying in the moment and enjoying the game and fulfilling relationships while getting better on and off the court.  We try to maximize life for your child by preaching  "Brick by Brick”  which is our philosophy that is written on all our practice jerseys.   This means embrace the process as a player and as a parent-- understand it takes time, so slow down and let life happen.

Our families and players create lasting bonds, which is more important than any scholarship.  We are real about what we do and why we do it.  We aren’t promising college scholarships, that's not our job. That's your sons job.  We will create the platform and training for him to succeed, but we don't create scholarships. Scholarships are offered to character kids, intelligent kids, and hard working skilled kids.  Our mission is to help impact all three of those areas!

How many Pumas teams will there be this year?
Last year we had 35 teams (325 kids) and four to eight teams in some age groups. We ended up turning away over 250 kids through our tryouts. We try our best to form as many quality teams as we can, so kids can play. This year we are considering a development league for kids who don't make a team but want to keep playing. Not every kid should play AAU basketball just to be on a team.
What will the format of tryouts be like?
We will spend some time getting to know the players through brief warm-up drills. We will then move right to open play 1 on 1, 3 on 3 and 4 on 4.
When will I find out if I made a team?

The 3-8th grade will be notified by Nov 1st if they are on a team, or if they are on hold until we can form a new team with the players that did not make the initial teams. Some players may get a call back throughout the winter for a second tryout if we don't fill out the rosters.

When does Pumas basketball start and how long is the season?
Our teams in 3-8th grade begin practicing late February. Tourneys are played Mar-June. Some select players or teams will play in July as well.
How much does it cost to play, train, and develop with a Pumas team ?
If you are offered a spot Nov 1st, you are required to put down a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $400. The balance of your fees will be due 2/1/19. Your balance is determined by grade and type of team. The range of fees are $700-$850. As a Puma you will receive discounted pricing at Just Hoops as our new affiliated partner. You will also get discounts on all hosted Puma Camp fees.
What type of commitment is expected of me if I join a Pumas team?
Attend all practices (1 a week, could be 2 depending on gym time of coach), and all tourneys. We also host a skills night that we encourage you to attend, but is not mandatory.
Can I play for a Pumas team and also play another spring sport?
This year we are working hard to eliminate the amount of players placed on a team that play multiple sports. It doesn’t mean we won’t place a few, but we won’t have more than 1 per team. We are working to design a skills league that could allow kids to play and skill on Sunday nights, versus play on a AAU team. It just isn’t fair to the remaining players to have multiple kids missing games and practices throughout the season.
How do I reach out to coach a team?
Email: midohpumas@gmail.com An interview with founder Dave Mirgon will be conducted as well as a background/reference check.
Are coaches paid?
Yes- coaches receive 50% off their fees. Parent Admins and coaches also receive free spirit wear gear.